Could not wait a second longer to show off this beautiful couple! When Jackie and I started to think of ideas for the shoot, we initally thought about having it done in Charlottesville, but last minute time restraints put us in a spot where we needed to find a middle spot to meet up. We decided to do it in Middleburg, Virginia, which ended up being the most perfect location for these two lovebirds

Jackie had the best ideas for the shoot and I loved every single detail that she brought to it! We had so much fun with the beauty around us, so we only used a couple. The love and thoughtfulness that she brought to the day, really set the tone for the afternoon. By the way, can we talk about how big of a trooper Charley was? He, like many men, haven't had pictures taken in a long, long time, but you would've never known it. He was so willing to get up and do anything, which made it all the more fun to photograph them! 

I've known Jackie since middle school, but I've only spent a couple of moments with her and Charley up in Arlington, Virginia. Even if it was only a handful of times, it's not hard to tell how much these two absolutely ADORE one another. The way this man looks at her is incredibly special, one-of-a-kind, and completely authentic. Their playfulness is so refreshing to see and it lasted throughout the whole day! 

Jackie & Charley, THANK YOU so much for letting me capture this beautiful relationship that you both share together. I know you will have plenty of laughs, endless glasses of Rose, and many more breathtaking moments in your future! 


Cheers to you!!