How on earth do I begin to describe the love I have for Jackie & her sweet husband MJ? How am I supposed to sit here and type out my excitement for these two parents-to-be? I will try my best but it probably won't come close to what I have boiled up in my heart!

I have known Jackie since diapers. Our mothers used to babysit us along with both of our two older brothers. We were all close in age, so it was no surprise that we would all get along pretty well! I really wish I could remember those younger days because Jackie and I would have had so much fun together! (I'm sure we did) We later met again in middle school and became close in high school! Boy did we have some good times then! She was always so sweet, so positive, caring, loving, and most of all, a genuine friend. 

As we all know, life happens, and people lose touch... but we later found each other, and picked up right where we left off! She had since then gotten married to her wonderful husband MJ and once I met him, it was so obvious that they were meant for each other. The playful side was still there with Jackie, but this time she had met someone who was just as goofy as she was! The chemistry that they share is so undeniable and the love that they had for the Lord was incredibly refreshing to see! I was lucky enough to witness Jackie getting baptized and at that moment I couldn't have been more proud to be her friend. 

One of the beautiful things about Jackie is that she truly goes after what she wants. She is so deserving of everything that has come her way, and creating a successful in home hair service company called Running With Scissors (www.runningwithscissorhair.com) has been no surprise! 

The fact that these two are about to become parents is so incredibly special! That child will be so lucky to have two wonderful people to look up to, and on top of that, a huge support system from all of their family and friends! Jackie & MJ, I wish you both nothing but the best out of life and I cannot wait to see you two grow from this next chapter thats ahead! I love you both so much!