I met Brian about 7 years ago...and WOW thinking about that makes me feel wicked old! Shortly after meeting him, I had the pleasure of meeting his sweet girlfriend Megan! They were so great together and you could tell right off the bat how much they adored each other. I only spend a few moments with Brian, but whenever I did, he was always so nice to me and incredibly personable. 

Many years have gone by since the last time I saw them both, and man have our lives changed! Since we've last seen one another, Brian and Megan tied the knot, had a beautiful daughter named Addison, and moved back to Ashburn from Texas (where they first met). It was so great to see these two again and to see how their life has transformed from dating one another, to starting a family! They truly are one of the sweetest couples and they have raised such a doll baby in Addison!

Just an hour before the shoot, the weather was definitely not on our side. It was dark, gloomy, rainy, and a bit windy. I was certain we would have to move the shoot to the next day, but Brian was wanting to do it anyways, regardless of the weather...and thank the good Lord above that we did! As soon as they arrived to the site, the sun came out and all of the clouds just drifted away! It truly was an answered prayer and I am so grateful to have spent the afternoon with them! Wishing you both the very best and I hope it's not another 5 years until we see each other again.